Lisa Huberman News!
(Updated November 20, 2004)

October 15, 2004: Lisa lands her first role at Bradley University in the Lab Theatre production of "The Well of Horniness".  She plays "Garnet McClit"!

Click here for more pictures of the show!

August 21, 2004:  Lisa becomes a College Girl at Bradley University with roommate Carolyn!


June 20, 2004:  Lisa's grand graduation party!

June 13, 2004:  Lisa graduates with Honors from Boardman High School!

        Mark, Max, Lisa, Ruth, Wanda & Heather
Click here for more pictures of this event!

April 14, 2004-April 28, 2004:  Lisa  travels to Poland and Israel for the March of the Living!

March 31, 2004:  Lisa Huberman inducted into National Honor Society for 2nd straight year!

Fall 2003: Lisa Huberman's senior picture!





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