Shulman Family News!
(Updated April 7, 2006)

March 24, 2007: Max & Ruth Huberman
celebrate 61st Anniversary!

September 23, 2006: The Shulman sisters still going strong! (Photos taken during Rosh Hashana gathering for Max Huberman's 85th Birtday)

89 & 87!

And Standing Tall!

September 23, 2006: Shulmans celebrate Rosh Hashana & Max Huberman's 85th Birthday

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August 1, 2006:  Gladys Saul turns an
amazing 89 years young!

Celebrating with Linda, Richie & Family at Vernon's Restaurant!

October 22, 2005:  Jason Saul's Wedding!

June 18, 2005:  Heather Saul's Wedding!

April 10, 2004:  Shulman Family's 56th Passsover Seder at Gladys Saul's House

February 21,2004:  Ruth, Max & Gladys headed off to Aruba! (They returned tanned, safe and sound on March 7, 2004!).

                             With Lil Shulman in Long Island! 
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May 24, 2003:  Brian Callahan & Stephanie Waller tied the knot!  For more pictorial highlights of this great Shulman Family gathering, click here!

April 19, 2003:  Passover at Aunt Gladys' home: