Max, Ruth & Mark
meet Paula Weinfeld!
May 1, 2005

The oldest living Huberman!

With son-in-law Leroy & daughter, Madeline Lyons!

Mother & Daughter!

A great gathering!

Proud Hubermans!

Paula & Mark!

Madeline's siblings!
The Guys:  Bob Weinfeld, Ron Spitz & Leroy Lyon
The Dolls:  Renee Spitz, Reggie Waldren, Ruth Moskovitz & Madeline Lyon

Georgette Huberman celebrating Paula's 90th!

Morris Huberman
Family History

Morris Huberman:  Paula's Father (and brother of Nathan & Leon Huberman)

Morris' wife, Rifka Finkelstein, with daughter, Salome

Nathan, Abraham & Morris

Without the Camera reflection!

Morris the Yeshiva Boy!

Morris the Soldier Boy (maybe)!


Abe & Paul Weinfeld's Wedding!

A Closer View!

Mollie & Lenny Moscovitz!

Laura & Leon Gold

Bob Weinfeld, Abe, Paula & Madeline

Abe, Paula & Bob, the Bar Mitzva Boy!

Bob Weinfeld's Bar Mitzvah (Dora Huberman on the extreme left)





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