(A work in progress in collaboration with Jeffrey Huberman of Vancouver, British Columbia)

Updated:  June 14, 2005

Chaim Eliezer Huberman

    To the best of our knowledge, the Patriarch of the Huberman Family is Chaim Eliezer Huberman who lived in Koval, near Radom, Poland.

    According to the late Henry Huberman of Miami Beach, Florida, his grandfather, Chaim, grew up in a family of farm labourers in approximately 1800.  He reported that the largest farm in Koval, near Radom, Poland, was owned by a German Gentile named Huberman who made Chaim his general forman and bestowed his family name to Chaim and his family.  This was not uncommon because Chaim's family lived on the Huberman farm and were indentified in the community as being "of the Hubermans".

    Chaim Eliezer Huberman had four, possibly five, sons in the following order:

    1. Motl (Mordechai, also known as Motl Melamed)--The Father of three sons: Nathan (Nusyn), Morris (Moishe) & Leon (Chaim Leibische) Huberman, and three daughters: Perel, Sarah, Miriam and Zelda  

2. Avraham (Avrohom)--The Father of Henry Huberman.

3. Yaakov (Jakov, Yakob, Jacob)--The Father of Branislaw Huberman. For more information on the extraordinary life of Branislaw huberman, visit the website at

4. Schmuel Mordechai--The Father of Morris Huberman and patriarch to the other Vancouver Hubermans

The Motl Huberman Family
Motl Huberman and Baile Mirel (bat Jehoudi Rozencwaig)

    Motl was born in 1851 and died on September 15, 1915.  He lived in Radom, Poland.  He was known as Motl Melamed because he oversaw the local Cheder an was apparently much in demand as a teacher of Torah.  Melamed, means teacher.

    Motl married Baile Mirel (bat Jehoudi Rozencwaig).  Bail Mirel was born in 1856 and died on April 3, 1939.  They had seven children:  Nathan (Nusyn), Morris (Moishe), Leon (Chaim Leibische) Perel, Sarah, Miriam and Zelda whose descendants now make their homes in the U.S., France and Israel.

The Nathan Huberman Family
Nathan Huberman & Dora Weisman

Nathan (Nusyn) (born November 13, 1886) married Dora Weisman and their children are Max (born in Paris), Abe, Ben and Florence.  Of their children, only Ben is deceased.

Max married Ruth Shulman and their children are Jeff & Mark Huberman. (Max (age 82) and Ruth (age 85) live in Youngstown, Ohio. 

     Jeff Huberman (born April 13, 1948) married Raquel Beniflah and their two children are Jacob (born June 26, 1982) & David (born April 5, 1985).

     Mark Huberman (born June 26, 1951) married Debbie Cogan in June 1983 and their child is Lisa (born July 24, 1985).  Mark and Debbie divorced in 1989 and Mark married Wanda Fowler on June 7, 1991.  Mark adopted Wanda's daughter, Heather (born July 20, 1985).

     Mark, Heather, Wanda, Liz & Lisa:  August 2003

Abe (8/24/28) married Rae Goldstein (2/24/30) on September 5, 1948 and their children are Rob, Mitch & Brad.  Rae passed away on March 28, 2005 at age 75.

     Rob (7/29/52) married Laura Janis (1/21/58) and their children are Joshua (born 3/9/90) and Jason (1/21/94).

    Mitch (3/2/57)  married Charlotte Schultz (12/1/57) and their children are Ross (12/24/92)  and Marc (1/10/94).

     Brad's (6/10/60) significant other is Lee Grimes.

Ben (10/10/26) married Florence Okun (8/24/29) and their children are David (5/14/51),  Bruce (8/23/53) & Rick (5/21/55). (Ben died December 1, 2002)

    David married Sally Smith and their children are Alena and Ethan.

     Bruce married Paula Paris.

    Rick married Milagros "Millie" Courejolles of Lima, Peru.  They have a son, Jeffrey.

Florence (5/2/30) married Abe Harshman (3/25/23) and their children are Bonnie (12/7/50) , Judy & Janet  (Judy & Janet are twins born 5/26/53).  Abe died December 24, 1983.

    Bonnie married Mike Cole (11/19/43) and their children are Kevin (1/19/77)  and Kim 10/20/73).

       Mike, Kim, Bonnie & Kevin:  March 2004

    Janet married Amnon Agassi (4/8/56) of Israel and their children are Arik (1/10/85), Adam (10/4/86) and Karin 7/28/88).

     Judy married Dov Nissman (7/22/54) of Israel and their children are Amy (12/25/83) , Daniel (4/30/86) & Jonathan 10/21/89).

     The Morris Huberman Family

Morris married Rifka Finkelstein and their children are Nathan (Noussin or Nussen), Bella, Laura, Paula (11/15/14), Mollie, Salome & a deceased brother, Abraham).

    Nathan married Georgette Conquy and their children are Marilyn and Jean Pierre. Georgette, now 89, lives in New York City.

Marilyn married (and later divorced) Richard Goldberg and their children are Garett & Darren.

Jean Pierre married Judith ___________ and their children are Jon, David & Jennifer.

Bella married Israel (Izzy) Stroff.  The had one daughter, Reggie Waldren who lives in New York

Laura married Leon Gold
and they had one son,  They had one son, Martin Gold, who lives in Florida.

    Paula married Abe Weinfeld
(1/15/08) and their children are Brenda (1/24/49), Madeline (12/9/41) & Bob (9/4/45). Paula, now 90, lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

    Bob married (but later divorced) Iris Green
(4/11/44)  and their children are Adam (6/6/72) (married to Michelle Katz (1/17/74) who have a son Chesapeake) Savyon (6/16/74) & Jessica (5/31/78).

  Brenda married Jeff Jaksey
and their children are Michelle & Jason.  Jason married Jill Vorsheimer on 11/15/03.

Madeline married LeRoy Lyon and their children are Michael and Jamie.  Michael married Stacey Burns on 5/29/04.

Mollie married Lenny Moscowitz and their children are Mark & Ruth.  Mollie died in 1994.  Mark is married to Jane ___________ and they have two children, Maya and Ethan who reside in Ashland, Oregon.

Salome married Gricha Scwhartzman. 
Salome died in Paris inn 1932 and Schwartzman was killed in WW II, part of French 900.  They had two children.  Renee & Marcel

     Renee married Ron Spitz
and currently lives in New York City.  They have one child, Jason. 

     Marcel was married to Gladys ______________
.  Marcel died many years ago.  Marcell lived with Morris & Rifka Finklestein, then with the Golds, then with the Weinfelds.


        The Leon Huberman Family

Leon married Golda Brandwayn Golda Hinda bas Pinkas Hacohen).   had two children, a daughter, Eliane, who died in 1926 at 18 months of age, and a son, Maurice Nochym Huberman. Leon was born in 1892 in Radom, Poland and died February 17, 1973 at age 81. Golda died August 2, 1990 at age 94.    

                                              Maurice Huberman      

Maurice (born April 4, 1922) married Lea Suchman (born in 1923)  in August 1946 and their only son is Pierre Nansen Huberman (born March 25, 1947).  Lea died in May 1953.  Maurice later married Balfuria Betty Luxemburg in July 1973.  Betty was born in 1926 and died on August 10, 2001.  Maurice (age 82) lives in Paris with his French Poodle, Lola (age 9)!

 Pierre married Nicole Elalouf and their three children are David (born June 26, 1974), Leah, born July 1, 1977) and Karine (born April 8, 1980)


        The Perel Huberman Family
    Perel married Shmuel Colander
and their children were Martha, Aaron & Ruth. 

        The Sarah Huberman Family
    Sarah married Zalman Grossbaum.

     The Miriam Huberman Family
Miriam married Ovadia Citronoviich and they had five girls:

The Zelda Huberman Family

Zelda married Shlomo Papirblat.  Their children were  Mordechai, Chaim Leibische, Chaya, Avraham & Shalonme.

        Mordechai married Sima ____________ and their children are Shlomo and  Zvi Papirblatt.

        Shlomo's children are Lior & Adi. 

        Zvi's child is Shir Papirblatt.

        S Mordechai is the only survivor of the familu in Poland after two years in Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  He emigrated to Israel in 1946. Mordechai was raised by Baile Rosa.  As of October 2003, he was 80 years old and is married to Sima ____________.  They have two sons, Shlomo and Zvi who also live in Israel.

Florence Harshman with Mordechai & Sima

        Shlomo is married to Evelyne_________ and they have two children, Lior (21) and Adi.  Shlomo is in the Israeli Military.  He is also a journalist, serving as the foreign edictor of the Israeli daily newspaper "Yedioth Aharonoth" and spent some years in Paris as a correspondent for this paper.  During this time, he developed a close relationship with Maurice Huberman.  Once a year, he also comes to the U.S. teaching journalism at Williams College in Williamstown, MA.

       Zvi is married to ___________ and they have one daughter, Shir, who is 5 years old. Zvi is in the high tech business.

  Mordechai currently lives in Israel.  Mordechai was raised by Baile Rosa.

The Abraham Huberman Family

Abraham (Avraham) also lived in Radom and married twice.  He and his first wife, Channa Gleimman, had four children: Bela, Miriam, Moseh and Yossel,

    Avraham and his second wife (name unknown) had eight children, 2 boys and 6 girls:  
Lifshe, Rifka, Henry (Orrie), Sara, Bertha, Juana, Pinchas and Victoria.

The Henry Huberman Family


Henry was born in 1901 in Radom, Poland.  He married Marcelle Weisman  on July 14, 1924.  Marcelle was also from Radom Poland and the the sister of Dora Weisman who married Nathan Huberman.  Their children are Alberto, Bertica and Benjamin,  Marcelle died on November 15, 1986 at age 82.  Henry died on March 11, 2000 at age 101.

was born in Paris on May 1925 and emigrated to Cuba at age 2.  Alberto & Benjamin were born in Cuba and came to the U.S. 19 years later.

Alberto married Angelina Muniz and their children are Rafael and Miriam.  Rafael married Tamara Azuela and their children are Daniel & Katia.  Miriam married Amado Montelongo, and their daughter is Mijal.

     Bertha married Adolfo Odnopossof and their daughter is Alina.  Adolpho died in 1992.  Alina married Mark Heller and their children are Melissa, Ariel & Danya.

     Benjamin (1/15/38)  married Gisela Bialik and their children are Martin (12/26/68) & Jonathan (7/8/65).  Jon married Susan Lutzker and their children are Mara and Adam.   Martin married Mariana Levinas and their children are David & Max. They also have one child on the way.

From Left to Right: 
Jon & Susan with Adam & Mara--Ben & Gisela--Martin & Mariana with David & Max


   The Jacob Huberman Family

    Jacob (Yakkov) Huberman lived in Tomashow, Poland.  This branch of the family seems rather small.  Jacob and his wife (name unknown) having had only three children: Bronislaw, Leopold and Stasha.
        Einstein with Branislaw

Bronislaw was born on December 19, 1882 in Czestochowa, Poland. and went on to become one of the most renowned violinists of his day and was a central figure in establishing  the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra in Israel.  The main concert hall in Tel-Aviv is named after him, as is a nearby street, numerous music festivals and a world famous quartet.  

Bronislaw married singer Elza Galafres on July 21, 1910 and they had only one son, Johannes, born December 1910.

    Bronislaw died in Switzerland on June 16, 1947 at the age of 65.

    Maurice Huberman of Paris, France served as Honorary Chairman of the Huberman International Committee (Pour l'illustration de lsrael Philharmonic Orchestra).  Our relationship to this branch of the family was confirmed to Jeffrey Huberman during a meeting with John in the late 1980's.   John was a professor at the University of British Columbia.   John has since passed away.

John married Barbara Pentland (a renouned composer) and they had a daughter, Joan.  Joan married Gordon Payne.  They later divorced.


 The Shmuel Mordechai Huberman Family

Shmuel Mordechai lived in Lukov (Lukow), Poland and married twice.  He and his first wife (name unknown), had seven children:  Ynkel, Pesach, Meir, Pesa, Rachel, Tilla and Luba.    Much of the information about this branch of the family comes from Chaia Laist and her late parents, of Moseh Benei Atarot, IN Israel. The majority of the descendants now make their homes in Israel. 

    Shmuel Mordechai and his second wife, Channa Nirembert, had five children (Liebische,  Chiel, Pinye, Moishe and Rifka.  Pinye and Moishe left Poland in the late 1920's and 1930.  Leibishe's children, Shmuel and Lola. survived the war, but Shmuel Mordehai's other children and descendant's will not.  The descendants of Shmuel Moredechai's second marriage make their homes in Canada and the United States. 














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