Ross Huberman's Shabbat Dinner!
(At the Huberman Home)
January 14, 2005

The Hosts Welcome the Family!

Grandpa Abe Tells a Story!

Uncle Max speaks to the Crowd!

But especially to Ross!

And Ross Responds!

Ross Thanks Everyone for Coming!

Amnon's Tradition!

Matt Loebman serenades!

Laura strums for Jerry!

A Grand Buffet!

Rob & Laura Dig In!

Harshmans Galore!

Max passing a joke to Abe!

Laura, Wanda & Dov!

Bonnie, Florence, Jerry & Rae
(& Mitch catching a bite)!

Flo meets Charlotte's Family
Aunt Mary & Paul Lake (Mary's son)!

Carla, Dana, Bill Loebman &
Aunt Roz & Jay Rockman!

Cousin Matt Loebman, Jonathan & Michael Klein & Azad Oommen!

Max, Flo & Abe lookin' great!

Ruth lookin' great too!

The Florida Flo lookin' great too!

Max & Jerry!

Josh & Abe!

Rob's Patented Picture!

Karin & Amy!

Mitch & Amnon!

The Proud Parents!

A Huberman Family Portrait!

The Sony Pictures Tour!





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