Ross Huberman's Bar Mitzvah Brunch!
January 16, 2005

Janet, Amnon, Abe & Mitch!

The Deck is Filled!

The Agassis!

Rob, Amnon, Wanda & Laura!

Table Talk!

Rob & Mitch!

Wanda, Flo & Ruth!

Charlotte & Aunt Roz!

Charlotte's IndiaContingent!
Poorna Jagannathan, Azad Oommen, Eula Krashen, Sandy Oommen, Sosha Thomas, Diane Shanahan, Steve Krashen, Debbie, Julian and Elan Glasser.

Checking out the Eagles!
Matt, Marc, Joshua, Yoni, Jim Klein, Steve Davis, Ross & Jason.

The Crowd is Thinning!

See you in two years!




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