Dr. Jeffrey Huberman
Inducted into the
College of Fellows of the American Theater!
Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
April 24, 2005

Tribute by R. Keith Michael!

Medal presented by Dean Gresdna A. Doty!

Jeff acknowledging the award!

The Official Picture!

A great crowd!

Oscar Brockett--Jeff's Mentor!

A taller view!

Expressing appreciation!

Brock's birthday!

With Fellow Inductee, Kathleen Conlin!
(from Youngstown & Pitt!)

Another great shot!

A proud family!

Just us Hubermans!

A Proud Wife!

A proud Wife & Youngest (and biggest) son!

Proud Parents!

Proud Brother!

Spanning the generations!

The Reception Line!

Thinning out!


Saying Farewell!

"Hey Mark!"

"Here I am!"





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