Huberman Family News 2007!
(Updated December 25, 2007)

December 25, 2007: Another Huberman
Christmas Morning
with Heather, Lisa
and Liz.

November 24, 2007: Another Shulman
Family Thanksgiving
at the Mihacevich's
in Brunswick

November 24, 2007: Lisa, Heather and
celebrating their own unique
Thanksgiving at home.

November 17, 2007: Fowler Families
celebrate an early Thanksgiving at
the Hubermans.

Ed, Sandy, John, Wanda & Dave

Fowler Grandkids and Great Grandkids Galore!

November 16, 2007: A surprise early
Thanksgiving visit to Max & Ruth from
Jeff Huberman

Ruth, Max & the Dean!

Hiking with Jeff!

Hiking with Mark!

October 15, 2007: Jeff and Raquel
Huberman visit Israel to meet
David and his Fiancé, Oshrit "Shusher"
, and Jacob. Wedding in Israel
set for January 7, 2008!

David and Shusher!
Shusher, Raquel, David, Jeff & Jacob meeting Shusher's Family!

Jeff & Raquel at the Wailing Wall!

The Dead Sea!
To View Jeff Huberman's Photo Gallery for this Trip, click on
the following link:

October 12, 2007: Lisa Huberman's
comedy"Olympic Proportions"
produced at Bradley University!

Lisa and her great cast!

Lisa congratulated by Dept. Chairman, George Brown!

September 23, 2007: Max Huberman
celebrates 86th Birthday with Jeff and
Mark at Jacob's Field and cheers the
Indians on to the Central Division Championship!

Perfect day!

Perfect seats!

Seventh Inning Stretch!

Two thumbs up!

Perfect Victory!

August 15, 2007: Lisa Huberman returns
to Bradley University for her Senior
Year with her new Apartment and
roomate, Elizabeth Albert.

Liz Alpert & Lisa

July 20, 2007: Max Huberman conquers
the Atlantic Ocean at the NHA Health
Conference in Hallandale Florida!

July 15, 2007: Wanda Huberman
celebrates her 47th Birthday just the
way she wanted it surrounded
by Liz, Lisa, Heather & Mark!

July 13, 2007: Max Huberman takes up
Softball. Watch out Roger Clemens!

July 13, 2007: Chicago-Kent Law
Student Josh Grant
completes his
Internship with the DR Court

June 26, 2007: Chief Magistrate
Mark Huberman celebrates his 56th
Birthday at the DR Court!

May 31, 2007: Abe Huberman, the true
mentch of the Huberman Family,
away unexpectedly at age 78.

May 13, 2007: Ruth Huberman
celebrates her 59th Mother's Day with Max
& Heather!

May 13, 2007: Max Huberman prepares for
a comeback in Basketball!

Click here for some extraordinary pictures!

May 4-11, 2007: Wanda Huberman
and Lisa Fuhrman visit Lisa in
Paris & Rennes

April 24, 2007: David Huberman
receives Bradley University Award for
Outstanding Student in Administration
of Criminal Justice Program!

David congratulated by Dr. Craig Curtis!

April 13-15, 2007: Marc Schultz Huberman's
Bar Mitzvah Weekend in Los Angeles!

Click here for more pictures of this great weekend of events!

April 14, 2007: The Hubermans & Liz
visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles!

More pictures to follow shortly!

April 14, 2007: Liz Fowler & Wanda
on Rodeo Drive!

Click here for more pictures!

March 24, 2007: Max & Ruth Huberman
celebrate 61 years together enjoying Banana-
Strawberry-Cashew Ice Cream with Ruth
Huberman's special Apple Pie!

January 27, 2007: Ruth Huberman turns
a radiant 88 years young with her resurgent, beloved Max right by her side!

Click here for more pictures of the family gathering!

January 20, 2007: Jason Huberman's
Bar Mitzvah in Atlantic City!

Click here for more pictures!

January 13, 2007: Lisa Huberman heads to Rennes, France for a 5 month Study Abroad
program through Bradley University where Lisa will be completing her Junior Year.
Boy Voyage!

Coming in 2007: Jason Huberman becomes a Bar Mitzvah on January 20, 2007 in Atlantic City! (Jason is the son of Rob & Laura H)





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