Huberman Family News 2006!
(Updated January 14, 2007)

October 7, 2006: Liz Fowler (who is back with the Hubermans!) attends her first Homecoming!

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September 23, 2006: Max Huberman turns 85 years young!

The Proud Hubermans! Click here for more pictures!

The Proud Sister!

The Pround Shulmans! Click here for more pictures!

September 2, 2006: The Nismans gather
in NYC to welcome Daniel back from the
conflict in Lebanon and to help Amy
move into her New Apartment in

September 1-4, 2006: Mark & Wanda
Huberman take Liz Fowler to NYC.

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August 28, 2006: Abe Huberman celebrates 78
years young with Rob, Mitch & Brad...

and the Grandkids!

August 20, 2006: Max Huberman picks the first
oraganic tomatoe of the season!

August 4, 2006: Jacob Huberman receives his
MFA in Film from Florida State University"

June 26, 2006: Mark Huberman turns 55!

June 18, 2006: Max, Mark & Jeff Huberman celebrate a glorious Father's Day together!

June 18, 2006: Max Huberman defies the odds & starts walking again!

May 24-31, 2006: Jeff, Raquel & David
Huberman visit David in Madrid at the end of

6 months of his Study Abroad in Spain!

March 25, 2006: Max & Ruth Huberman
celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary at
the Printz Mansion with family & friends!
Click here for more pictures of this magnificent event!

March 24, 1946

January 27, 2006: Ruth Huberman turns 87 Years Young--OY!

January 4, 2006:  Lisa Huberman enjoys Bradley University's Interim Study Abroad Program in Cairo, Egypt!



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