Huberman Family News 2003!

December 9-14, 2003:  Lisa Huberman represented Boardman High School at the National Congressional Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

November 4, 2003:  Mark Huberman re-elected to his 5th four year term on the Boardman Board of Education.  He was the top vote-getter in the race.   To view the strong endorsement from The Vindicator, CLICK HERE!


October 12, 2003:  Jacob & David Huberman visited Youngstown!

For pictorial highlights of this great event, click here!

September 23, 2003Max Huberman turned 82!

August 23, 2003:  Abe Huberman celebrated his 75th Birthday in Beachwood, Ohio on the evening before Jonathan Nisman's Bar Mitzvah.

For pictorial highlights of this great event, click here!

August 23, 2003:  Jonathan Nisman  became a Bar Mitzvah in Cleveland.

For pictorial highlights of this great event, click here!

August 19, 2003:  Mark & Wanda Huberman visited Paris and met, for the first time, Max Huberman's first cousin, Maurice Huberman, in Paris, France!


For pictorial highlights of this incredible meeting, click here!

August 10-20, 2003:  Mark & Wanda Huberman vacationed in London.

For pictorial highlights of this great vacation, click here!

August 6, 2003:  Marilyn Huberman (daughter of Nusen & Georgette Huberman) discovers her baby picture on and emails Mark Huberman with details of her Parisian Huberman roots, and opening a window to another line of Hubermans.

July 24, 2003:  Lisa Huberman joined David Huberman in turning 18!

July 29, 2003:  Rob Huberman turned 51!

June 26, 2003:  Mark Huberman turned 52 and Jacob Huberman turned 21!

June 28, 2003Max Huberman received "Crusader Award" for a lifetime of achievement to the National Nutritional Foods Association" at the Association's Annual Trade Show at the Las Vegas  Hilton.  Ruth, Jeff, Mark & Wanda in proud attendance!  For pictorial highlights of the Huberman "Las Vegas Vacation", click here!

July 15, 2003:  Wanda Huberman turned one year older!

June 7, 2003:  Mark & Wanda Huberman celebrated their 12th Anniversary!

May 24, 2003:  Brian Callahan & Stephanie Waller tied the knot!  For more pictorial highlights of this great Shulman Family gathering, click here!


April 19, 2003:  Passover at Aunt Gladys' home:

April 13, 2003:  Jeff Huberman turned 55. 

April 5, 2003:  David Huberman turned 18!


March 24, 2003:  Max & Ruth Huberman celebrated their 57th Anniversary!

March 8, 2003:  Joshua Huberman became a Bar Mitzvah in Margate City, NJ. 












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